Ticket Shield is a licenced paralegal firm that uses experienced and trained paralegals for most court appearances.  We do not directly employ any lawyers directly.

Ticket Shield does not imply or suggest that our licenced paralegal firm is able to represent clients for criminal charges, impaired driving charges, or anything that is outside the scope of paralegal practice in Ontario.  Any charges that licensed paralegals are not authorized to handle, are referred to licensed lawyers in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario. 

Ticket Shield cannot, under any circumstances, guarantee or promise a specific result.  Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.  For the purposes of this website, any reference to the term “track record” or “success rate” is meant to imply that we will always do our best to follow your instructions and achieve a favorably outcome.  It is NOT meant to suggest a specific percentage of cases are withdrawn, dismissed, or quashed.

Ticket Shield will sometimes use the service of another experienced, licenced and insured paralegal firm to appear in court for our client matters where travel distances or schedule conflicts require it.

The information and resources contained on this website are general in nature and is not intended to be construed as “legal advice”.  While Ticket Shield has gone to great lengths to keep the information updated and accurate, we are not providing a guarantee or commitment with respect to the accuracy of the contents.  Ticket Shield should not be held liable for any damages of any nature or law suits that may arise as a result of the use or reliance on any of the information provided on the site.

Submitting an online inquiry via this website, does not create establish a formal legal representative-client relationship.  Until the time that a formal written retainer agreement is entered into between Ticket Shield and yourself, all correspondence with our office is accepted by you as being for information purposes only.  You are agreeing that under no circumstances will Ticket Shield, or any of their staff, be held liable for damages for reasons of your use and/or reliance on such communications.

It is also accepted that the communication and inquiries through this website may not be completely secure.