We can help fight a Cochrane Ticket – including Smooth Rock Falls, Kapuskasing and Hearst

If you have been charged with a traffic offence in Cochrane, Smooth Rock Falls, Kapuskasing or Hearst – we are here to help. Northern Ontario tickets are often heard in court locations that are very remote or have limited options for representation.  We are extremely experienced with cases in this region and offer local representation with experience and knowledge relating to a Cochrane ticket specifically. Ticket Shield provides professional traffic ticket defence at a reasonable price. The services we provide range from all types of traffic tickets, Speeding TicketsCareless Driving chargesStunt Driving chargesDriving While Under Suspension, or any other charges under the Highway Traffic Act.  Ticket Shield provides you with a skilled and experienced representative that is licenced to practice by the Law Society of Ontario. We will help you beat a Cochrane ticket (or one in the surrounding area).

There is almost always a benefit to fighting your ticket, even if you think you are guilty.  Let us explain why.  You may have more options than you think. Ticket Shield has a proven track record for success, and is pleased to offer our experience and knowledge to secure a great result with your case.

A single traffic ticket can have a serious effect on your insurance rates, employment, and life in general.  Beyond the obvious financial implications of the fine and insurance rate hike, demerit points can lead to a licence suspension. Some of the more serious offences can include a possible jail sentence.

Let Ticket Shield utilize our education, experience, and skills to assist you with your traffic tickets. We deal with exclusively traffic tickets in Ontario, and are skilled in what we do.  We have a professional relationship with most prosecutors in the province, and will properly communicate the details of YOUR case.  Your representative will know how to examine the facts of your unique case, review the disclosure (evidence) being used against you by the prosecution, and finally, construct the best possible defence.  We will always aim to have the charge fully eliminated by having it withdrawn, dismissed or quashed – if at all possible.

We try to provide honest, candid advice about the odds of success with your case.  We will tell you if we believe the ticket is not worth fighting, but it almost always is.  

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How will Ticket Shield help you successfully beat your traffic ticket?

Ticket Shield always spends the appropriate amount of time on your case to explore any possibility to have the ticket withdrawn or dismissed. If we cannot have the charge eliminated, we will negotiate with the prosecutor to protect your points, avoid licence suspension, get the lowest fine possible, and often most importantly, avoid a large insurance rate increase.

Ticket Shield starts by requesting a copy of all evidence the prosecutor plans to use against you.  This is called “disclosure”.  We make a very detailed request that requires them to provide the Officer’s notes, any witness reports, speed measuring device (radar) manuals and calibration/testing notes (if applicable), and all other relevant evidence that they plan to use against you.  The disclosure is crucial to properly building your defence prior to the court date so that we can review the facts of the case and discuss the details with you – the client.

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