We can help fight a Ottawa Ticket – including Renfrew, Kemptville, Killaloe, Cornwall, L’Orignal, or Pembroke Regions

Have you been charged with a traffic offence in Ottawa, Renfrew, Kemptville, Killaloe, Cornwall, L’Orignal, or Pembroke?  Ticket Shield provides affordable and effective traffic ticket defence legal services in your area. This includes all types of traffic tickets, Speeding TicketsCareless Driving chargesStunt Driving chargesDriving While Under Suspension, and more.  With Ticket Shield, you will be represented by a fully licensed and authorized legal representative under the Law Society of Ontario. We will help you beat a Ottawa ticket (or one in the surrounding area). 

Even if you think that you may be guilty – DO NOT just pay your traffic ticket.  You have the right to defend your traffic ticket in court. Ticket Shield has an excellent success rate, and is happy to provide you with our experience and knowledge to improve your chances to beat that ticket.

Being convicted of a traffic violation can have a very serious impact on your life, including the financial burden of court costs, fines and increased monthly insurance rates.  In more serious cases, convictions can result in license suspensions, loss of license or jail time. Obviously, this can have a very negative impact on your job, your family life and your freedom.

Allow Ticket Shield to lend you our training, knowledge and experience dealing with Highway Traffic Act offences. We know how to examine the facts of your case, review the evidence being used against you by the prosecution, and ultimately, how to provide you with the best defence.  Our goal is always to have your ticket either withdrawn or dismissed if at all possible.

Do you want to know your options and your chances to successfully defend against the allegations?

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How can Ticket Shield help you successfully fight your traffic ticket? 

Ticket Shield spends the necessary time on your case with the purpose of eliminating the charges completely by having them withdrawn or dismissed. If this is not possible, we will negotiate with the prosecutors to shield your demerit points, protect your license from being suspended, negotiate for the lowest fine available, and ultimately, keep your insurance rates as low as possible.

Ticket Shield begins preparing your defence with requesting a disclosure package from the prosecutors.  We make a very specific request that requires them to provide the Police Officer’s notes, witness reports, radar manuals and calibration notes (if applicable), and any other relevant evidence that they plan to use against you.  By obtaining these documents prior to your court date, we can review them with you if we have any questions, and prepare a defence based on all of the information.

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