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Reviews and Testimonials

Disclaimer: Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.

“When I was issued a Careless Driving charge – I did not know who to approach. Luckily – I was referred to Ticket Shield. Ticket Shield were knowledgeable and courteous in assisting in my case and they were able to fully withdraw my charge. Thank you for all your help and effort, I really appreciate it! Rest assured Ticket Shield will be referred to friends and family should they ever need any help defending traffic ticket offence.”

Remigio C. – Mississauga, ON

“I have used ticket shield on two occasions to assist with traffic tickets….I know…I need to slow down.  Ticket Shield acted very professionally … kept me in the loop with communication and achieved a great result.  The latest ticket I received was reduced from 3 points to 0 points and a Fail to Surrender License charge was completely withdrawn.  An amazing result.  I saved about $150 in fines and also saved getting any more points.”

Peter D. – Toronto, ON

“I didn’t have to much faith in my case. When I felt like it was a lost cause, Ticket Shield proved me wrong and helped reduced my careless driving charge to a simple bylaw infraction. Thanks to all there work and effort I was able to move forward with my life and not have the horrors of my accident haunting me. I would defiantly recommend this team.”  

Jodi P. – Ottawa, ON

“We are extremely satisfied with the service and results from our engagement of TicketShield to act on our behalf for a recent traffic offence. Not only did they get the entire charges dismissed, but the resultant conclusion was exactly as their initial assessment of the situation and likely outcome predicted.”

Bernard O. – Thunder Bay, ON


“I was disappointed with the message I received when I visited another agency and was amazed when I called Ticket Shield. The representative was well spoken and knowledgeable and their rate compared favourably. They did not promise specific results but took the time to explain how cases like mine were typically dealt with, and all possible outcomes. They seemed confident about a good outcome and candidly explained the reasons why even though they knew I was leaning toward going to Early Resolution on my own to save money. Then they followed up by emailing the information we had discussed and offering to talk further at any time. Their manner was professional, yet friendly, encouraging and supportive. When the date of Early Resolution approached I knew I would rather leave my case in their competent hands than go through the stress and uncertainty of trying to fight it on my own and I was not disappointed. Thank you.”

Jewel W. – Welland, ON

“Our recent experience in having Ticket Shield represent us with a very difficult traffic violation offered tremendous value in terms of financial benefit in that they were able to have the entire matter dismissed. In parallel, they also removed a very heavy emotional burden and stress level associated with this situation should we have been left with having to deal with this matter independently, without them. Ticket Shield offers a tremendous service with an obvious, high-level Value Proposition. We highly recommend the use of this service vs. attempting to address difficult traffic violation matters on your own.”

Andy W. – Ottawa, ON

“Ticket Shield was amazing – knowledgeable , professional , timely and trustworthy I would  not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who receives a ticket and feels it was unfair.  From $110.00 fine and 3 demerit points to withdrawn, we couldn’t be happier !! Ticket shield treats you with understanding and empathy so you feel confident in your representation.  Thank you Ticket Shield !” 

Sandra K. – Toronto, ON

“Thank you for all of your efforts in having this matter resolved with the best possible result.  I am truly grateful for all of your teams efforts at Ticket Shield.  The process was both seamless and yielded the outcome that was desired (complete discharge of charges).  Going forward, should I (hopefully not) or any of my colleagues find themselves in a similar situation, I will gladly refer your services to them accordingly.  Thanks again for taking a matter that would cause a great deal of undue stress and future expenses and making it so simple that I did not even have to think about.”

John S. – Belleville, ON

“After comparing and consulting with different companies I chose Ticket Shield and am very glad I did. I received professional, very prompt (even around holidays), knowledgeable service that left me feeling nothing but confidence in Ticket Shields ability to fight my ticket. They didn’t fail to impress me and my ticket was completely withdrawn.”

Jordan G. – St. Catharines, ON

“Thank you for your hard work , justice has prevailed ! With a fleet of over 25 trucks we feel safe under your firms commitment and interpretation of the Ontario highway traffic act.”

Owen W. (Trucking Company Rep.) – Toronto, ON

“I’m extremely pleased that I chose Ticket Shield (over X-Copper). Due to their incredible work ethic & insight, the outcome was far beyond what I imagined it would be given the circumstances.  They were beyond professional in his communications with me.  It’s my intent to never use their services again – however, should the need arise, I’d use Ticket Shield in an instant.”

Brandon E. – Welland, ON

“My Young daughter was charged with careless driving last winter after wrecking her car during very icy conditions. Being a young driver and loosing 6 points would have been devastating to her young start in life. We felt the charge was unjust and hired Ticket Shield to defend her on the charge. They handled everything very professionally and she was found innocent of the charge. Thank you Ticket Shield for helping clear this unforeseen event in our lives.”

Stephen S. – Thunder Bay, ON

“After interviewing well-known Traffic Cop, with less than desirable confidence, I discovered Traffic Shield. Speaking with them convinced me that they were the right firm to handle my speeding ticket. Their research and tenacity resulted in the best possible outcome – the withdrawal of my tickets. Thank you Ticket Shield for an excellent experience in professionalism and follow up. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone facing points or severe hikes in insurance rates to represent them.”

Pam I. – Orangeville, ON

“I am extremely pleased with the results I got in using Ticketshield, they clearly work hard and the results are worth it and would definitely use this service again! It saved me money preventing something that could of greatly affected my insurance rates and helped keep my drivers record clear, all I can say is Thanks! It was a long battle but worth the wait!”

Mallory D. – Timmins, ON

“My wife was involved in an accident  6 months ago where she was charged for careless driving. At the time I searched the internet for a company to represent her in court. The one company that stood out was Ticket Shield. This was confirmed following a lengthy discussion with Matthew Hazell who explained all the issues surrounding this type of infraction. Over the 6th month period leading up to the court date Matthew provided guidance and reassured  me that the penalty would in all likelihood be reduced. As it turned out my wife’s case was overturned and thrown out of court. Thank you. You did a great job. My wife and I will certainly recommend your services in the future.”

Jim A. – Innisfil, ON

“I appreciate all your efforts to help us out. Me and my husband are very satisfied with the result. Also we would like to thank the Ticket Shield Team for this help. In future we will try our best to put your name in reference to our family and friends if they need any help regarding traffic ticket defense. Once again many congratulations to Ticket Shield Team for this brilliant Effort.”  

Rimpy W. – Dryden, ON

“A Fail to Remain charge dropped and a fail to report reduced to a minor fail to report property damage with no demerit points. I didn’t think this outcome was possible so I am extremely happy, I couldn’t have hoped for better.

Thank you so much for taking care of this, it has taken so much stress away.”

Agantha H. – Stratford, ON


“The associates at Ticket Shield were knowledgeable and courteous in assisting me with my ticket. They kept me apprised of the results of the case in a timely manner and I am happy with the results they achieved on my behalf.”  

Linda H. – Picton, ON


“Thank you for your assistance with this. I can’t tell you much your help has meant. It relieved so much stress to know that my case was being handled so expertly and efficiently. And affordably! I would have no reservations in recommending TicketShield to my friends and family.Really, thank you. I could not have done this on my own. I don’t have the constitution for it. And I’m very pleased with the result.”  

Tonya M. – Thunder Bay, ON


Thanks to everyone at ticketshield for helping me out and getting the ticket completely removed off my driving record. I was hesitant at first to pay for someone to help me with a ticket but I am sure glad I did in the end. Thanks a lot!  

Garrett M. – Kingston, ON

“Our boy got a bad call on a bad charge and Ticket Shield was able to not reduce it, not plead it down to a lesser charge, they were able to have the serious charge thrown out. This meant No Fine, No Serious Charge and No Lesser Charge. We will and have already recommended TICKET SHIELD to anybody and everyone that is looking for THE BEST TICKET REPRESENTATION MONEY CAN BUY.”

Mark R. – Brantford, ON


“Thank you SO much for all your help and updates.  You took a very difficult situation, simplified it for us, and did an excellent job!  We could not possibly be happier with the outcome of this court case!  Please accept our gratitude, and feel free to use this on your website.  Thanks again!”  

Margaret S. – North Bay, ON


“My experience will Ticket Shield was excellent. Ticket Shield was able to not only have my case successfully withdrawn, but also to provide me with comfort and ease that my case was being dealt with in a professional matter with my best interest in mind. Thank you for your understanding and hard work!”  

Alexandra N. – Ottawa, ON

“I was charged with running an amber light. It carries a180$ fine and 3 points. I would have been happy to just have the 3 points cleared but the entire charge was dropped.”

Ron P. – Newmarket, ON


“Thank you very much for this and as you have noted, this was the best possible result.  I am certainly be happy to endorse the professionalism and expertise of “Ticket Shield” and would recommend your services to anyone contending with awkward or difficult traffic charges. Thank you again.”  

Henry C. – Brockville, ON


“I am very pleased with the results you have achieved , this certainly saves considerable cash on increased insurance rates and a blemish on my otherwise clean driving record. I would highly recommend your services .  Thank you.”  

Ralph D. – Schreiber, ON


“After calling a number of traffic ticket defence firms I was thoroughly disappointed with the response I was getting.  Many took days to get back to me and it was a struggle to get an actual paralegal on the phone. Even when I did they never gave me an honest answer on my case and what outcomes I should expect. When I called Ticket Shield, they answered the phone immediately and was very professional.  Within minutes he told me how cases like mine typically got dealt with and everything I could expect from worst case to best case.  I was sold after that call and they even gave me a competitive rate compared to other firms in the area. Since that call I got clear communication from Ticket Shield every step along the way and had comfort in knowing my case was being handled properly.  In the end I got the best possible resolution I could hope for and it was due to something I would have never challenged on my own. I would highly recommend this service to anyone I know and would use it again!”  

Colin C. – North Bay, ON

“I think that ticketshield did a great job of representing me in court, i was very disappointed in the police officer that gave me the ticket i told him i was gonne fight it i court of law and thats were you guys came in and greatly reduced the ticket and made the points go away. Thanks again for a great job.”  

Albert B. – Guelph, ON

“I just want to express my sincere appreciation for you and Ticket Shield for representing me on my behalf through this somewhat stressful experience. Your expertise throughout these court dates has been such a weight off of me. I am so thankful that I made the decision to contact you to handle this matter. I am more than relieved and happy with the outcome. Once again thank you for all your hard work.”

Dennis B. – Simcoe, ON

“I truly appreciate the prompt communication provided by Ticket Shield, you are great to work with. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome, absolutely worth the cost!”

Terri B. (Trucking Company Rep.) – Thunder Bay, ON

“…Ticket Shield took care of all the paperwork and had the ticket dismissed. I never had to show up in court, and never even received a single mailer from the Provincial Offenses Office at all.  This was the best outcome possible!”

Andrey T. – Brockville, ON

“I was very satisfied with Ticket Shield and their services. they knocked my 6 point offence down to a 0 point with a small fine. I highly recommend them to anyone, as I would use them again.”

Bailey N. – Barrie, ON

“Thanks so much for helping me and im so happy with the result of my case withdrawn. I will recommend ticketshield to my friends to represent them.”

Jerry T. – Mississauga, ON

“My experience with Ticket Shield made me feel more at ease and less stressful. Id strongly recommend you to anyone in the future. Thanks again for everything.”

Abe F. – Windsor, ON

“I am very pleased with the result and cannot thank you enough. I am reading the report and getting the chills just by reading that the officer was there, present. You have no idea how stressful would be for me to be there and face the officer. I remember how mad he was at me and made me feel like a child; still remember his face. What a dumb mistake that was and trust me, every day when I go to work I relive that moment.  I am so happy with the outcome.  I hope (believe or am sure of it would be too strong of a word) I never need you again; however, I will happily refer you (already am) to all of my friends and family.”

Mirela L. –  Hamilton, ON

“Well all I have to say is that your team are AAA. I will use you every single time that I ever encounter an issue with the ticket. Simply put, you guys are the best thanks again for everything you did on this and I am obviously thrilled with the results.”

Robert H. – Parry Sound, ON

“I am very pleased that ticket shield was very prompt in handling my ticket and was able to have the ticket withdrawn. I would recommend them to any one.”

Robert W. – Caledon, ON

“As I am from Saskatchewan I didn’t know what I could do. I know I didn’t do anything wrong there was no reason to get a ticket the officer is who was wrong but it made more sense for me to pay the ticket and come back to Ontario to fight. Then I was told about ticket shield the people there were very friendly and helpful they told me that it was not a good ticket but they also gave me the bright side of it that they possibly could help it make me help enjoy my holiday a bit better after that thank you for all your help.”

Jeanne M. – Geraldton, ON

“Thank you for doing such an amazing job in fighting my charges, words cannot express my gratitude.  I would like to convey my sincere appreciation for the excellent quality of service, professionalism and care I have received from Traffic Shield.

 I am truly overwhelmed by the outcome; you have been unbelievably understanding and sympathetic to my situation.  You made it less stressful for me at a difficult time and I thank you.

 I shall positively recommend your services to anyone who needs them.”

Karen M. – Newmarket, ON

“Thank you again for being so quick to explain any questions or issues I had about my Careless Driving Charge. My ticket was reduced substantially and 2 demerit points. At one point I was skeptical about giving away such big money over the internet but my mind was again put at ease. Great job! If you’re in trouble give them a call or an email, you won’t be sorry.”

Troy C. – Brockville, ON

“I was involved in a car accident in 2017 and as a result had 4 traffic offenses levied against me. I called Traffic Shield on a whim and it turned out to be the best thing I could ever have done. The 2 most serious charges were withdrawn completely and the remaining 2 were lessened in there severity.  I ended up with two very minor offenses on my record and no demerit points. I dealt with a representative who proved to be very professional and informative. He kept me up to speed on all aspects of my case and encouraged me throughout the entire process. If you find yourself in a situation where you require affordable representation for traffic offenses then Traffic Shield is definitely the company to call. You won’t be disappointed.”

Rod M. – Penetanguishene, ON

“I am very pleased with you and your result. You know your a little more money than some but what won me over was your professionalism , Your candor, above average communication skills , legal knowledge … I don’t know I just felt more comfortable or reassured you possess all the tools needed to obtain the best outcome.”

Doug D. – Milton, ON

“My experience with Ticket Shield was exemplary, the representatives were courteous and timely in their correspondence and actions to assist me with my legal matter. I would highly recommend utilizing their services to anyone who needs legal representation. Once again thank you, hopefully I won’t ever need your services again, however should I do need them I know where to come first and foremost. Thanks.”

Michelle W. – Thunder Bay, ON

“When I received a Careless Driving ticket after an accident I was definitely stressed, not only did I have to worry about the damaged car and insurance but now a ticket and serious offense too…

I did what any technologically inclined person would do and set out online to look for one of those companies you hear about that assists you in fighting tickets.

I reviewed and spoke to over 10 different companies claiming to do the same thing but did not feel reassured or comfortable with any of them.  UNTIL i contacted Ticket Shield!!!  Ticket Shield did not assist me in the fighting of the ticket, they totally took it on for me.  This meant no days missed at work to go to court, no trying to navigate a system that I cant even begin to get thru with being intimidated.. NO STRESS.

From the very first contact, the people and the service was top of the line.  I felt listened to, reassured and no false promises.  Everything was honest and laid out.

They took care of everything for me and were able to drop it to a minor infraction.  I was kept in the loop, updated and always responded to (even though it was around the holiday)

If you need a someone in your corner who feels like they are really in your corner go to TICKET SHIELD…..i did and will again (but hopefully i wont have to!!)

Thanks Ticket Shield for making a horrible “accident” a little more bearable”

Tanya I. – Etobicoke, ON

Choosing Ticket Shield was the best choice I made. You made this very easy for me and also eased my piece of mind. Having my ticket completely withdrawn is the best outcome I could not have asked for anything better.. I will if ever I find myself in this kind of trouble again, I would use Ticket shield. I will also recommend your services to others. 

Again Thank you so much for your help in this matter and dealing with this ticket. To me having a clean driving record is very important and from all of this I have learn to take better care in my driving and being more aware of what is going on around me as well. This experience has had me on edge for a long time.. I can now be relaxed and return to a normal day to day living without this hanging over me..

I hope not to have to use Ticket shield ever again.. But, I would and will if ever again I need to.. Like I said I will let people know the out come of my case and recommend your services to others..

Thank you so much.

Aimee P. – Churchill, ON