Will My Insurance Rates Go Up?

Will my insurance rates go up?

When someone receives a traffic ticket, there are usually a number of things they are concerned about.  The fine, the demerit points, and likely most importantly, how it will affect their insurance rates.  Generally speaking, being convicted (found guilty) for a traffic ticket will mean that your insurance rates will increase.

The amount that it will increase is hard to predict since the insurance companies are not bound by any regulations that dictate how much or how little they raise or lower your rates.  Technically even a small 0 point ticket will show up on your record and could impact your insurance rates.  Some insurance companies will be harder on people for getting a ticket than others.  There are also factors like how long you have been with the insurance company, how many prior tickets you have and whether you have been in any at-fault accidents.

By fighting the ticket, there is a chance that the ticket could be eliminated entirely, or reduced to something less significant.  Most insurance companies are primarily concerned with the number of tickets you have on your record, and the bracket (or size) of the ticket.  They will typically use a system of “minor”, “major” and “serious” offences.  Having your ticket reduced from a “major” to a “minor” could be then difference between your insurance rate doubling and hardly being affected.

By hiring us, we can assist you with mitigating or eliminating the ticket with hopes that your insurance will either not go up at all, or not go up very much.  We expect that with most cases, our fee will be much less than the amount of money you will save by avoiding an insurance rate hike.

This is covered in more detail on the “Should I Fight My Ticket?” page.

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